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Supply Chain Management


The supply chain refers to the resources/materials needed from supplier to deliver goods or services to a consumer.Lifeline supply chain management takes care of obtaining resources, managing supplies, and delivering goods and services to providers and patients. By promoting efficiency in the healthcare supply chain, hospitals and physician practices can create cost-reducing opportunities across their organization.WE provide Supply Chain management with dashboards to keep a track of inventory items and requisitions touching every department of a hospital. In our SCM system hospital Indent is raised from various departments to the store. Store verifies the stock available in the store and issues the same to the department. Incase if store is also running out of the stock it issues tender to the suppliers. Suppliers send their quotation against the tender. These quotations are compared and Purchase Order is released to the supplier with best quotation. When items are inward, verification is done and added to the stock. Then purchase bill is generated. Once the stock is added, items are issued to the respective department.Inventory has the record of the stock of the products providers need and for managing Healthcare supply chain.

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