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Leadership Team

Our strength lies in our people, our diversity & integrity.Our talent pool consists of experts from IT for consulting, development,designing, testing and implementing adding insights to our project research.Our collective efforts and Teamwork allows interaction, sharing of ideas and knowledge for better collaboration, taking up challenges and boosting work and innovation.Our approach,dedication and strategy pushes and aligns everyone to explore their potential, add inputs, get clear cut ideas to come to a uniform conclusion which can be implemented.Our development team is well equipped to cater to customers demands and make the desired changes to address and adapt to the changing customer needs.The CRM and Marketing team take care of the Business growth and handling customer queries and providing customer support.We provide support services to customers 24*7 and also offer training.

Manorama Infosolutions has established a corporate structure with various levels of hierarchy. We have in our team Chief Advisory Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Finance Officer, VP Marketing, Business Development Head, Business & Media Manager, Subject Matter Expert, Project Manager, Project Leaders, Team Leaders, Implementation Head, HR and Admin to lead and assist us in our functions. A support and development team of 150+ developers and engineers are the strong pillars of the organization.

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