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Healthcare IT Innovation

Explore Our Innovative & Patient Centric Healthcare IT Solutions
  • Patient-Centric Care
  • IOT based Healthcare
  • Tele Health Services
  • Emerging M Health

Healthcare Technology

Divulge into an Array of Emerging Technology to Enhance Healthcare
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse [EDW]
  • Standard Treatment Guideline [STG EMR]
  • Clinical Decision Support Sysetm [CDSS]

Global Compliances

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Innovative Tech Solutions

Big Data Analytics

Expertise coupled with Research & Development capabilities in Big Data Analytics providing insights for Better Business Decisions

Analytics empowers business users to rapidly develop insights from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data for better business decisions. Our approach to Big Data Analytics includes understanding client data, delivering the architecture and applying custom analytics to ensure data quality for improved outcomes. Explore


Providing distant Healthcare services by Connecting Patients, Practitioners & Specialists through Telemedicine

Telemedicine is being used to bring healthcare services to patients in distant locations. Given the provider shortages throughout the world--in both rural and urban areas--telemedicine has a unique capacity to serve millions of patients. Our Tele-medicine solution is part of our Healthcare ERP - a technological innovation. Explore

Predictive Analytics

Understanding Patterns & Trends from Healthcare data applying it to Predictive Analytics for Informed Decisions

Predictive analytics uses technology and statistical methods to search through massive amounts of information, analysing it to predict outcomes for patients. This information can include data from past treatment outcomes as well as the latest medical research. Explore

Mobile Health

Bridging Doctors, Hospitals & Patients by Routing Right Information Improving Access to Healthcare

M health serves as an excellent tool. Mobile apps are useful tools in mobile clinical communication, as well as in remote patient monitoring and self-management of disease. The app Developed by Manorama Infosolutions helps in enhanced patient engagement and generating an EMR as well. Other than the diagnosis, Prescription and clinical utilities; the Doctor can manage the movement of the staff and Nurses. Explore



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