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Remote Services and Telehealth Solutions

Providing distant Healthcare services by Connecting Patients, Practitioners & Specialists through Telemedicine

Telemedicine provides direct consumer outreach and services over the Internet via telecommunications technology. Telemedicine is being used to bring healthcare services to patients in distant locations.Given the provider shortages throughout the world--in both rural and urban areas--telemedicine has a unique capacity to serve millions of patients.Our Tele-medicine solution is part of our Healthcare ERP - a technological innovation.It connects the entire healthcare team so that they can communicate over video from anypart of the world to support patient centered care.The expertise of qualified and experienced medical practitioner is extended to remotest place, anywhere on this planet Earth once the diagnostics equipment are integrated and people with just enough skills to operate are available.The Virtual Hospital serves as a hub into which a multitude of sites – both local and international – can connect for specialist services.It permits communications between patient and medical staff as well as the transmission of medical, imaging and health information from one site to another.

Case Study

Telemedicine Africa, in partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation, approached Dimension Data, to partner with them in realizing the Virtual Hospital proof of concept. Manorama Infosolutions was selected to provide the entire Telemedicine software solution.

The Virtual Hospital serves as a hub into which a multitude of sites – both local and international – can connect for specialist services.It is established in Gauteng and it began by linking to one of the clinics belonging to Harmony Mine in the Free State province.

Telemedicine Africa is responsible for the virtual hospital equipment set-up, facility preparation (in partnership with Dimension Data), project management, ongoing support and maintenance and the management of the platform while operational. This will include the administration, scheduling between sites, management and invoicing.Dimension Data is responsible for the connectivity set-up between the hub and the Harmony mine clinic, facility preparation and ongoing support and maintenance.

Sites linked to the virtual hospital will expand as the proof of concept is proven to be beneficial to both the patient and public, and the Department of Health. We also foresee +/- 37 sites from the province of KwaZulu Natal linking to the hospital and making use of the services provided over the next 3 years as part of the scale up process.Initially, specialized services in radiology, dermatology and cardiology are available. As the sites and the demand increase, so will the specialties. Telemedicine Africa will contact a network of specialists to provide these services (either real-time consultancy or store-and-forward reporting).

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