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Specialized EMR/EHR

Exclusive Solution incorporating Clinical specialization

Patients receive healthcare services from several sources, such as physician practices, hospitals, urgent care centers, pharmacies and specialized medical centers. Thus, a patient's medical information may be fragmented.Our EMRs capture complete patient information in one go and save it for future reference. This helps to keep a clinical track record which can be viewed and compared anytime for reviewing patient’s treatment & care plan.We have specialised EMRs for various specialities such as Cardiac, Gyneac, Orthopaedic, Oncology & Neurology.Our specialized EMR solutions provide interoperability of patient information with other departments in health care facility.The integrated EMRs aggregate and analyse, comprehensive patient information helping to reduce duplicate diagnostic procedures, prevent medical errors, allergy contraindications and lower administrative cost.

Case Study

The Chest Disease Hospital, Kuwait required for their department of CardioThoracic surgery an EMR to capture Patient data pre, during and post surgery integrated with HIMS. The project required automation of Cardiac Surgery Dept. for the Ministry of Health. We have provided Lifeline CardioScience - an application with an ability to serve a physician with the required patient characteristics, cardiac symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors with extensive score grids. An intellectual smart solution to manage the pre op, intra op and post op events while during the surgery covering 16 + procedures including Coronary artery grafting, Valve surgeries etc in compliance with STS standards.We have provided an HIMS inclusive of Appointment, OR scheduling, OR Module, Nursing desk, ICU management, Bed management, Cardio Thoracic Surgery EMR with operative notes for more than 16 cardiac surgeries.

We have provided Mobile/ Portable devices which can be carried and accessed anywhere. For example, surgeons can carry portable devices in operation theatre and fill the EMR even during surgery. Also, we have provided integration of Biomedical devices, integration of bedside monitors, ECG machines, perfusionist tray and Picture archiving System for Angiography.

The solution adheres to the STS standards, is Integrated with National Repository of STS database to formulate strategic clinical models, has Provision of PACS integration, Enabled with Euro score Version II – European system for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation. It confirms to the standards of WHO and CPT codes and is featured with R tool reporting for data analytics useful to contribute in national research initiatives. The visionary aspects of our solution gives a comfort to all surgeons & clinical consultancy gives us a success to add data on National Repository.

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