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Lifeline Cardio Science


The Chest Diseases Hospital is a 320-bed facility for the Ministry of Health in Kuwait. The Cardiology department required Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) Version upgradable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) . Data needed to be uploaded to Adult Cardiac Surgery Database, in the National Repository, only accessible to few.


Provided Cardiac EMR with ICD codes, E&M Calculator & risk calculator, the Euro score and the Cardio Thoracic Surgery for operatives expertise. The data structures are designed using STS National Database version 2.81


Controls/monitors the Patient Clinical and surgical Information all along the complete patient care workflow, hence saves tremendous amount of work load for the Hospital. First Indian solution company to get access to add into the National repository.

Lifeline Insurance KPO

Our client at Africa required Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for their multiple hospitals for claims processing, payment and revenue generation. In order to efficiently manage the patient revenue cycle of their healthcare entities, we have provided a robust medical practice management software that allows to effectively keep track of the claims process.

Lifeline E-claim takes care of entire healthcare revenue cycle process including everything from determining patient eligibility, collecting their co-pay, coding claims correctly, tracking claims, collecting payments and following up on denied claims.We have developed Enterprise App with patient centric services inclined with cashless insurance, providing benefit to service provider.We have provided e-claims processing along with KPO.There is a team which handles 5,000 daily on-line pre-authorizations requests from healthcare providers and electronic insurance claims that come to a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. All these requests are queued to the team which consists of 40 to 50 people. The requested are queued and processed 24 x 7, so in a month 15,0000 claims are processed. A helpdesk/call center support is provided for both the payer and provider side of Insurance process, so that its use is promoted.

We have also, provided Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management to manage entire procurement and Supply chain process of the respective client. .


Complete customer support and call desk equipped with accurate data at all time. We have also, provided Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management to manage entire procurement and Supply chain process of the respective client.

Lifeline Enterprise HIMS Solutions

We have worked as a Solution Provider with number of Clinics & Hospitals set up for Bliss GVS , Kenya. Recently launched public private platform ( PPP) insurance health informatics in association with Kenya Govt. & by Corporate Insurance Giants.

Lifeline Enterprise solutions connect the branches and various legal entities with a centralised architecture and distributed architecture wherein, the data is synchronised to provide one single Database. We have developed STG EMR for Bliss GVS connecting all clinics, branches,SLA’s to give standard treatment guidelines for uniformity of services offered under insurance coverage. Individual hospital units work independently but data will be consolidated centrally. The Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) codes are introduced to avoid errors and enable to audit the treatment by novice doctors. This project helps in decreased medical errors, saving valuable time and better patient treatment. Equipped with our Enterprise ERP the Project is entitled to function more efficiently by optimizing their business operations. The clinical Decision making by the use of EMR/ EHR enhances patient care & safety along with providing clinical analytics. The EMR includes ICD-10 codes for diagnosis and based on it clinical evaluation is derived.

Enterprise architecture provides Single Administration control with Single Database handling from any location so, ease of access.Patient treatment data providing anywhere access.We have also, custom developed Mobile app to be installed on mobile device with biometric scanners.

We have hosted Enterprise Lifeline HIMS Application on cloud/ data center with distributed architecture for offline and online mode with synchronized technology.Our Enterprise Lifeline application works on 3G bandwidth (mobile), 5-12 KB Dongle or even in offline mode on centralized database server with synchronization.


The solution is compliant with WHO, healthcare legal compliances, and insurance compliances. It is a cloud based solution, promises access to real time data anytime anywhere. In the enterprise solution, all legal and financial entities are well managed by a centralized system, making business productive. Complete data availability at corporate office for analysis, decision making and management. Standard treatment reduces man-made errors, in diagnosis.

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