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Patient Centric EHR

Managing better patient care

Our Lifeline EHR provides the benefit of securing patient information and tracking patient information.Our EMR abides by the concept of Meaningful Use, adhering to improve patient care, reduce healthcare costs,ensuring privacy and protection of patient’s health data.

Our EHR details all the vital parameters, history and present illness, Diagnosis and treatment along with investigations suggested and clinical procedures. It is inclusive of ICD-10 codes, E& M coding, capturing and saving of RIS images. Our EHR captures data in many different formats and merges the inputs into business Intelligence analytic tools.We apply analytics to the the patient-centric EMR data to look for errors and omissions in care, allergy indications,contra-drug interactions, prescription drug compliance, examinations etc. Our EMR connects all clinical data of a patient and allows the healthcare entity to work collaboratively with the providers allowing information to be exchanged in time, impacting patient health outcomes.

Case study

With our STG EMR Standard Treatment guidelines are provided to enable novice doctors to treat patients better and with less risk. Africa where medical expertise is limited so expert from health medical background can audit right treatment for the patients with Standard treatment guidelines included in STG EMR.Doctor will consult the patient and enquire about disease and symptoms. Doctor will search for standard symptoms. If symptoms are not as per STG, doctor will attach a note. We have developed STG EMR to give standard treatment guidelines for uniformity of services offered under insurance coverage.The Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) codes are introduced so as to avoid errors and to be able to audit the treatment by novice doctors. This project helps in decreased medical errors, saving valuable time and better patient treatment. The clinical Decision making by the use of EMR/ EHR enhances patient care & safety along with providing clinical analytics. The EMR includes ICD-10 codes for diagnosis and based on it clinical evaluation is derived.

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