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Mobile Health

Connecting Healthcare Driving Clinical Communication

Bridging Doctors, Hospitals & Patients by Routing Right Information Improving Access to Healthcare

M-health is a mobile App designed to View, Monitor and analyze the Patient’s condition via mobile devices. For an Up to date patient status anytime-anywhere, M health serves as an excellent tool. Mobile apps are useful tools in mobile clinical communication, as well as in remote patient monitoring and self-management of disease.The app Developed by Manorama Infosolutions helps in enhanced patient engagement and generating an EMR as well. Other than the diagnosis, Prescription and clinical utilities; the Doctor can manage the movement of the staff and Nurses.M health supports better Patient engagement and is very user Friendly, Secure App. The solution provided by Manorama Infosolutions is two-fold. One, the entire system is made available to the doctor with a mobile application.Doctors can track patient’s health status, investigations, drug prescription and drug administration. Secondly the patients are given access to manage their own appointments, as per doctor availability, on a patient portal and they can access their health records, and prescriptions.

Case Study

Dr Gupte’s Hospital is a well known first ISO accredited Gynaec & Obst specialty hospital in Pune.A routine checkup scenario is as follows: A female patient walks into any of Dr Gupte’s hospital and registers herself if she is a new patient. She would first visit an Assistant Doctor who will take her chief complaints along with other details like her blood group, marital details, allergies, operatives, menstrual/obstetrics/personal /family/spouse history and vital parameters.

Then the patient would visit a senior consulting doctor who will view the details of the patient filled by the Assistant Doctor. The consultant would examine the patient, suggest investigations and tests. The consultant may diagnose and may also prescribe medicines. Here the patient would be identified as a case of Antenatal or Infertility or general gyneac consultation.

We have provided them customized specialized Gyneac EMR including Gyneac, Infertility/IVF, Antenatal consultations and procedures; where most of the data to be captured would be either prefilled multi-selection type or in few instances would the doctor need to type-in.

At every stage the patient would be identified by a MRN number. An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) would be created at each stage of consultation, i.e. at her first visit by Assistant Doctor and Consultant and on her further visits, again by Assistant Doctor and the Consultant.

The whole application accessed using Mobile Application is installed on smart phones or tablets. There is a browser based web counterpart that can be used with a browser on personal computers, laptops and tablets. The mobile application and the browser based web application would have similar look and feel so there would be minimum learning involved.

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