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Lifeline Telemedicine

Healthcare Telemedicine Solution

  • care taking

    Takes care of the patient record and the entire telemedicine center with the help of the specialized Enterprise Structure.

  • Refers the patient

    Refers the patient from one specialist to another specialist from system for Primary care, Secondary care and Tertiary care

  • Integrated with ECG Machines

    Integrated with ECG Machines and Features like PACS, the architecture is designed to speed up the patient treatment cycle and connectivity among the different telemedicine centers.

  • Pre and post-operative care

    Pre and post-operative care of patients located remotely, by real time web-based tele-consultation features, enabling faster follow-up treatment.

  • Videoconferencing

    Connects Doctor’s at the main Centers with built in Videoconferencing to provide online opinion, diagnosis and treatment to the Patients in Remote Locations.

  • secure remote access

    Guarantees a secure remote access to the medical data of the patient saving the patient data in EMR

  • teleconsultation

    Offers web based teleconsultation, Tele- ECG, vital signs monitoring and specialized services in radiology, and cardiology in real time.

  • Records and captures patient information

    Records and captures patient information in real-time, capturing vitals via sensors in the EMR linked with hospital information system from remote locations.

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