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Lifeline Telemedicine

Healthcare Telemedicine Solution


Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a remote locations.It aids to save lives by providing timely care in emergency situations.Telemedicine is being used to enhance patient health and provide timely healthcare services across the World.Lifeline Telemedicine has a patient’s appointment scheduler for the receptionist, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR),Teleconferencing of remote patient and the specialist, clinical investigation device integration, e-prescription and the billing system.It guarantees a secure remote access to the medical data of the patient. It not only takes care of the patient record but the entire telemedicine center with the help of the specialized enterprise structure. Integrated with ECG Machines and Features like PACS, the architecture is so designed that it would speed up the patient treatment cycle and connectivity among the different telemedicine centers.Our Telemedicine software offers web based teleconsultation, Tele- ECG, vital signs monitoring and specialized services in radiology, and cardiology in real time.

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