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Lifeline Oncology

  • Integrated with

    Integrated with ICD -10 CM Codes for Diagnosis and ICD-10 PCS codes for Procedures.

  • Radiation Register

    Radiation Register – Maintains multiple Radiation therapy details, Radiation assessment – Maintains various reaction details during Radiation.

  • PACS integration

    PACS integration for easy diagnosis, using High definition images.

  • Specialized EMR

    Specialized EMR for Medical and Surgical oncology with Chemotherapy Plan- Including scheduling of Chemotherapy cycles with medication.

  • Chemotherapy Register

    The Chemotherapy Register – Maintains multiple chemotherapy cycles detail,Radiation Plan- Include Radiation schedule, fractions and cGY details.

  • Consist with

    Solution includes OPD management, IPD management, OT management,Accounts management, Laboratory/Pathology management etc..

Work Flow

lifeline orhto


lifeline ortho


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