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Lifeline Lab In Bag

  • EMR reports

    The test results fetched into an EMR shall be viewed by a doctor/specialist and treatment suggested.

  • reports in seconds

    Helps Government Health departments setup with a patient centric approach, to provide the patients pathological reports in seconds, ensuring faster and better treatment.

  • central storage of all data

    The solution has capabilities to centrally store all data for the patients.

  • all in a single bag

    Helps to reach out to Rural locations for point of care treatment, where Healthcare providers are equipped with a device and an application, all in a single bag.

  • real-time lab quality results

    App, integrated with i-STAT Analyser device proposed to be used in rural locations, giving real-time lab quality results by analyzing the patient’s blood

  • test done in Minutes

    The patient coming from various locations/ villages walks to the PHC and have a test done in Minutes.

  • inventory at the various locations

    Generates various MIS helping the management to understand the patient profiles for various locations/regions and also maintain the inventory at the various locations.

Work Flow


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