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Lifeline Lab In Bag


Lab in Bag solution, in the form of an app, integrated with i-STAT Analyser device is proposed to be used in rural locations where the patient coming from various locations/ villages will walk to the PHC and have a test done in Minutes. The test results shall be viewed by a doctor/specialist and treatment suggested. All this is done in a matter of few minutes, what would have otherwise taken maybe a day or more. It comes with a single use test cartridge that can be used to run various kinds of tests in one go. The analyzer can also wirelessly send the tests results to a doctor for diagnosis. It can also store the information directly into the patient’s EMR (electronic medical record). With this device, patients can get blood test reports in real time, without going to a lab and waiting long for the results.This app will help The Government Health department setup, including ZP hospitals, Primary health centers and community health centers with a patient centric approach, where the pathological reports will be given to the patients in seconds, ensuring faster and better treatment. The solution has capabilities to centrally store all data for the patients. This will help the management to generate various MIS to understand the patient profiles for various locations/regions and also maintain the inventory at the various locations.

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