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Lifeline Gynecology

Gynaec Healthcare Solution

  • Ready templates

    Ready templates where most of the data to be captured is either pre-filled multi-selection type or in few instances the doctor need to type-in.

  • Register Record

    Covers F- form, MTP register,NST register, TL register, Cu-T register,Delivery registers, Oxitocin monitoring Chart,PIH Chart, Neo natal record facilities.

  • Gynac EMR

    Gynac EMR includes Gynac, Infertility/IVF, Antenatal consultations and procedures.

  • Patient Record

    Helps doctors to keep record of patients along with past history, medical images, past investigation reports for later reference.

  • Mobile Application

    The application is accessible using mobile application installed on smartphones or tablets.

Work Flow

lifeline gynaec


lifeline gynaec


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