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Lifeline Device Integration


Barcode Integration:

We provide Barcode Integration in our system. Barcode helps to identify a patient, a sample, items, documents.QR Codes can be considered for Inventory Items and Pharmacy Items.

Barcode in the system is generated in following places:
• Registration/Healthcard
• Lab Sample
• Inventory Items
• Pharmacy Items.
• Wrist Tags

Biometric Integration:

Interface with Biometric Attendance Machines : Biometric authentication is done by us, but we do not integrate our HIS with Biometric machine directly but have the excel format that can be imported to get attendance in payroll modules. This can be given on Registration and Payroll. Interface with Medical Machines/Devices:

Medical Machines/Devices Integration:

We do Uni- Directional and Bi-directional interface with Lab machines on following protocols 1.TCP/IP, RS-232 or USB and we give the configuration parameters to connect them successfully.

Methods & Protocols :
• HL7 Protocol
• API integrations

Work Flow




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