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Lifeline Cluster Pharmacy


Cluster Pharmacy is a Web-based, Enterprise Application connecting all Pharmacies to a central server, such that they can be centrally managed. The solution meets the future needs of pharmacies across all public and potentially private healthcare institutions. The objective of the solution is to enable a new level of patient safety and efficiency in the area of medication management through making medication information available across clusters with consistent medication terminologies and harmonization of pharmacy operations to enable best practices. The broad 4 components of the solution are:

Pharmacy Information System:

  • Shall provide the user interface to perform all pharmacy related operations and interact with other components of the system namely shared data and information, National Charging Engine, Business rules services and interface with external systems/services.
  • It can be a multi-tenant system to allow customization to each institution’s needs.

Data Bank:

  • A shared repository which contains patient, medication information (Prescribed, Dispensed, and Administered), and system and item configurations
  • The central repository for each institution to view each other’s patients’ prescription for collection, central fill and mail order.
  • The business / predictive analytics layer can be defined at this part of the proposed System.
  • The Data Bank shall be a centralized system.

Business Rules Services

  • Provide user friendly tools to design and configure business rules to cater for different functions and services (like medication translation, decision support)

Integration and Middleware Services:

  • Interfacing service will allow the system to communicate and interact with external systems/services
  • The proposed System shall indicate the integration technique and available technology for seamless interfaces

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