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Lifeline CardioScience

Cardiac Healthcare Solution

  • Serves a physician

    Serves a physician with all required patient characteristics, cardiac symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors with extensive score grids.

  • well designed emr

    Has a well designed comprehensive Cardiac Surgery Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integrated with ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS codes,with EUROscore (version -II ) ie. risk calculators for Cardio thoracic surgery procedures.

  • systematic management of the Hospital

    An exclusive solution for cardiac that is aimed at the systematic management of the Hospital ensuring both pre and post operative care to the patient.

  • Manages events

    Manages the pre op, intra op and post op events while during the surgery covering 16 + procedures including Coronary artery grafting, Valve surgeries etc compliance with STS standards.

  • built in system

    Has built in system that controls/monitors the Patient Clinical and surgical Information all along the complete patient care workflow.

Work Flow

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