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Lifeline CardioScience

Cardiac Healthcare Solution


Lifeline CardioScience is an application having an ability to serve a physician with all required patient characteristics, cardiac symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors with extensive score grids. An intellectual smart solution to manage the pre op, intra op and post op events while during the surgery covering 16 + procedures including Coronary artery grafting, Valve surgeries etc compliance with STS standards.Lifeline Cardio Science is an exclusive solution for cardiac that is aimed at the systematic management of the Hospital ensuring both pre and post operative care to the patient. It has a well designed comprehensive Cardiac Surgery Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integrated with ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS codes, along with EUROscore (version -II ) ie. risk calculators for Cardio thoracic surgery procedures, built in system that controls/monitors the Patient Clinical and surgical Information all along the complete patient care workflow . Also, it subsequently gives Manorama Infosolutions an entry into the world of National Repository, only accessible to few.

Work Flow

lifeline cardio

Application Working

lifeline cardio

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