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Company Profile

Transforming and Accelerating Healthcare

Manorama Infosolutions is a pioneer in Healthcare IT providing Enterprise Solutions for Public, Corporate, and Global Sector. We have deep expertise in ERP developing Smart/Innovative Solutions , EMR/EHRs, Telemedicine, Next Generation/Mobile Apps, IoT connected devices/IoT Solutions, Patient Portals impacting patient safety along with quality of healthcare delivery. Our solutions are interoperable, WHO compliant, HIPPA compliant with secure architecture on HL-7 standards.We have worked with the region specific healthcare guidelines and successfully introduced our Solutions in India, Asia Pacific, Middle East & African continents providing uniformity of services.

We emphasise on providing customised healthcare solutions rather than providing ready products.Being solution based our customers have an advantage of improved administration, operational management & overall enhanced key performance. Our exclusive Healthcare solutions are based on research and development of 14 yrs with product line adopting varying technology innovation. We have solutions ranging from Inline architecture to cloud platform handling mobile/portable devices.We have specialized IT Healthcare Solutions: Inline applications, Web based applications, Enterprise solutions, Document Management System & Mobile Solutions. To support the CDS we have integrated BI for clinical, business analytics, performance improvement & better patient outcomes. Our cloud & Web based Healthcare IT Solutions are providing our Global customers flexible approach & conducive platform for business transformation.

Our Solutions address all the challenges, changes, necessities of health care and support healthcare operations effectively. Our Lifeline Solutions are defined on global standards and protocols; they are interoperable enabling efficient bridging of gaps in Healthcare IT. We have added to our vast portfolio of software solutions - National Repository, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Mobile-Health, E-Health, E-Diagnostic, E-Claims, Telemedicine, Patient Portal, EMR/EHR, BI & Analytics.

Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is serving the global Healthcare Industry as a "Turnkey IT Solution Provider", Manorama's expertise in "HEALTHCARE DOMAIN" spans more than a decade and is well reflected in its product portfolio. It has an ERP, Lifeline Suite, for multi-specialty hospitals, with more than 45+ modules taking care of all aspects required for successful running and management of such enterprises. The product line caters to the specific needs of various specializations such as Cardiac, Oncology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Neurology, Urology and Ayurveda. Manorama Infosolutions also has other products: Lifeline E-Clinic, Lifeline E-Diagnostics, Lifeline DMS (Documents Management System), Lifeline Telemedicine and Lifeline M-Health. All product lines are compliant with the ICD 10 , CPT, CPOE, HL 7 , E & M Coding and eClaim system is endorsed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD) for use in UAE. We have current customer base of about 150+ customers across PAN India using the Lifeline ERP. We are extending our services in domestic market, especially in Government healthcare projects to serve our Nation to address the needs of large masses of population who are in dire need of quality Healthcare. We are implementing our ERP solutions at Safdarjung Govt. Hospital and PGI for the Indian Ministry of Health. In the International scenario, Manorama has implemented Lifeline ERP at 25+ live sites overseas. We are already serving Indian, Middle East and African Countries. To quote a few Examples, we have partnered with Telemedicine Africa for providing Telemedicine Solutions for specialized consultation at South Africa. Our Lifeline E-Diagnostic Solution is applied at Clinix Healthcare a renowned healthcare group from South Africa, Our E-Clinic solution is implemented at Bliss GVS Healthcare, Kenya. We have provided our specialized IT Solutions for the department of Cardiac & Thoracic surgery at Chest Disease Hospital, Kuwait. Also, we are analyzing the opportunities to collaborate with Business Associates in US and UK to serve Clients in these regions.

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