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Big Data Analytics

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Expertise coupled with Research & Development capabilities in Big Data Analytics providing insights for Better Business Decisions

Healthcare data comes from varied sources and is generated in large amounts which is unique to the particular healthcare business. Analytics empowers business users to rapidly develop insights from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data for better business decisions. Our approach to Big Data Analytics includes understanding client data, delivering the architecture and applying custom analytics to ensure data quality for improved outcomes. Our BI tools gather data, compile it in comparison charts, reports, graphs which can be studied for effective management of a healthcare system.The outcome is cutting down on administrative costs, improved services and increased care quality.Data analytics also help in CDS - clinical decision support improving the way clinicians make decisions about their patients impacting quality of care and reducing costs. Our Business Intelligence like MIS, Reports and R tools are an effective platform to compile, streamline, analyse and share data for a better health system.

Case Study

The healthcare industry generates large amounts of data, patient records,clinical data,financial and management data. These massive quantities of data - Big Data; support a wide range of medical and health care functions, including clinical decision support, disease surveillance, and population health.Big data analysis reveals patterns and trends for healthcare providers and other stakeholders in the healthcare delivery system. It provides insights into diagnosis,treatments,claim authorisation resulting in higher quality care at lower costs and in better outcomes.

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