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    Lifeline Telemedicine is a comprehensive, simple, secure remote access to the medical data of the patient. It is made with a vision to streamline the process of offering the telemedicine services through remote places. It not only takes care of the patient record but the entire telemedicine center with the help of the specialized enterprise structure. Integrated with EEG Machines, Features like PACS etc.

    The architecture is designed in manner that helps in speeding up the patient treatment cycle and connectivity among the different telemedicine centers increases satisfaction level of patients and telemedicine Centers
  • Pre and post-operative care of patients located remotely, by the use of real time web-based tele-consultation features, enabling faster follow-up treatment.
  • Browser based user interface.
  • Anywhere access and video conferencing.
  • Robust and secure communication over web.
  • Direct Image visualization with PACS connectivity.
  • Platform independent server components.
  • Direct interface with biomedical devices.
  • Multiple browser compatibility.
  • Direct Data Capture Tool (DiDaCT).
  • Comprehensive EMR system.
  • Offline Data Transfer via Web.

Appointment Scheduler | Reception | EMR | Investigation Reports | Web Conferencing | Administration | Enterprise | Billing | Business Reports | E Prescription | Health care monitoring equipment interface
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