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  • DMS is a Document Management System. Document management, often referred to as DMS, is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.
  • DMS is very useful for the organization to accomplish Business Process efficiency, it helps in reducing the usage of paper and saves physical storage space apart from the easy retrieval of files.
  • Previously documentation was a difficult task for an organization, as it took a lot of time and a storage space. Retrieving them took even longer. Use DMS is able to store, retrieve and access documents easily across at several locations.
  • Collaboration is one of the prime feature of a DMS. Think of it in practical terms if multiple people have to access the same file it would take time, now through the DMS multiple people can access the same file and changes can be stored and tracked accurately.
  • Role based access control system.
  • Facility to add, update and delete documents.
  • View Microsoft Word files, Excel, Text, HTML files, images and pdf documents.
  • Support for multiple documents on-line editing.
  • Listen to audio and watch video files.
  • One-click full text search by document label, document description, created and modified date, the user creating or modifying the document.
  • Department wise and file type wise filters.
  • Built-in version control system to view historic documents with optimization for large objects.
  • Storage of object as large as a full length movie (maximum size up to 2047 GB).
  • Built-in Real-time backup.
  • Available as stand-alone application or integrated module with E Clinic web application.
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